Monday, 6 February 2012

A late one...

Eeek!  A very late one this evening, where did the evening go?  I was going to post while George was out at Army Cadets, but Louis decided he wanted some one-to-one time which involved plonking himself on my lap for a cuddle lol, so I indulged him somewhat.  Then after I picked up George from cadets (who was late coming out aswell tsk tsk) we headed over to Asda to get some bread, and some doughnuts that were reduced to 10p (who could resist that?).  When we got home, George wanted his xbox sorted so he could have netflix on it, so its only now that I have been able to sit and write this blog post :-D

I wanted to show you today another of the cards that I made yesterday, as I love the paper I used as a background, I like bold, bright designs and this one ticks that box completely:

Again, it is from Paisley Petals, predictable, I know :-) but it is my favourite at the moment.  I am looking forward to next week when I will have new things arriving from Stampin' Up!  New things to play with, can't wait...

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