Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Spoiler alert... (It sinks, you know)

Hope everyone had a good Valentine's day.  We had a fab time at the cinema last night, forgot how much better Titanic was on the big screen.  Still not too sure about the 3D bit though, it worked for some things, but not for others.  George enjoyed it, but still would have preferred being able to fast forward the 'boring bits'.  The cinema was quite full and George was convinced that he was the youngest one there, which he probably was, we couldn't see any other children in there.

Today I will be putting in an order to Stampin' Up! and can't wait to get my hands on some new things to play with.  I have so many ideas in my head, and not enough time sometimes to get them out onto card :-)  One thing I am looking forward to is getting a punch that cuts out hearts, which will make cards like this easier to do:

Although I don't mind cutting the shapes out, when it gets to being later in the day, my eyes don't work as well and focussing becomes a bit of a problem, plus a punch means that I can punch heart shapes out of the dsp paper, as well as stamped card.  The card above is simple to make, it has paper from the dsp Beau Chateau, as the background and then I stamped out three hearts using a stamp from the I (heart) Hearts stamp set.

So watch this space for butterflies, hearts, cupcakes and postage stamp inspired cards in the coming weeks :-)
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