Friday, 16 March 2012

Morning, just a quickie today as we are just about to head off out for the day, but wanted to share with you the lovely cards I got from my Stampin' Up mummy and sisters :-)

 The one above is from Sarah-Jane, my Stampin' Up mummy, I love it very much and will be analysing how it was made for future reference (I have noticed now that I am scrutinising cards a lot more now to see how they were made lol)
 This one was from Mandi, beautiful, I love the simplicity of it (something I still have to learn, I think I still have a bit of an aversion to just using a plain white/cream background for a card)
and this one from Anna, love the butterfly stamp and the sentiment for this one.  I love getting cards from others as it gives me inspiration and ideas for the cards that I make in the future.  Thank you again for sending them :-)

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  1. Nothing like a hand made card is there? :-)
    Happy Birthday again xx